Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seventh Lecture: Digitized Designs

On this following Wednesday it came the time for us to turn in our logo designs on our illustration board.I had two designs prepared; a fruit basket/sailboat and a coffee cup hand with stream for fingers. As I tried to touch up the coffee hand an accidentally split ink over the project and I had to scrap the look. I used a more organic look with the basket when I was experimenting with the ink, and the cup hand was a bit more straight. We compared our logos in class and Babcock appeared satisfied.

With the observations finished we proceeded to follow him into the computer room to learn about scanning and Adobe Illustrator. He used a kind of online chatroom/instruction tablet that let him show us how to scan images onto the computer and how to take the images and give them a cleaner, more professional look using applications on Illustrator such as pens, transparencies, arrows, lines, and magnifying images to get even the smallest details right.

Due to some malfunctions with the scanner, we had to postpone our own work with our logos on the computer until next time. Hopefully, We'll also be able to upload our designs from our storytelling logo project, which I hope to show on our next text. Should prove interesting!

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  1. I like the gear design. Do you think you would want to try to execute it in Illustrator? It would be a good challenge. The crispness of Illustrator could really make it shine.