Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fifth and Sixth Lectures: Simplifying Symbols and Stylizing Signs

After a leave of absence on Monday to extraordinary circumstances due to illness and medical difficulties, I returned on Wednesday to class to find that not much had progressed from the last class. We still were looking at ways to simplify and improve our logos. The majority of ideas mixed some kind of fruit or food with a human or mechanical device; such as a fruit basket sailboat or a hand in the shape of a coffee cup; a island the shape of a fish and a woman as shapely as a wave.
The idea was to find images that could relate to each other with a small logical connection, no matte how obscure. The thought behind the basket boat came from an old cartoon image of a tug boat, but made me think of all the foreign exchange with South America and the Caribbeans that takes place. I had a woman in the shape of a wave because of the natural curves of a woman but also the idea that several women use swimming as a good form of exercise. Some were just silly concepts; like the zombie pizza, with the droopy pepperoni eyes and melted dead cheese face.
Some ideas Professor Babcock liked; other he didn't believe convey their information well. The one I was having the most difficulty with was the idea of a nuclear bowling alley where the bowling ball had a bio hazard sign on it and would explode against the pins. The ball looked to much like a beach ball, and Professor Babcock concurred with the thought.

Logo designs balance a line between having to portray complex ideas using regular symbols in weird combinations and making sure the images are appealing to the audience/consumers. The professor expects to have a logo made next class on a illustration board, but our next class won't be till a full week later due to First Friday and Labor Day on Monday. I'm excited to try out multiple techniques with my brush, pen and ink.

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