Monday, August 24, 2009

My 2009-2010 Classes and Goals

As I am an Illustration Major, the majority of my classes are art classes for this semester, but I also do have a minor in theatre. I am currently taking Introduction to Graphic Design and Illustration, Life Drawing/Anatomy, Painting I, Art History Survey, and Typography.
Eventually, by spring, I hope to take Art History Survey II, Life Drawing, Painting II, Printmaking, and possibly Drawing/Design III depending on the availability. Due to my minor in Theatre, though, I may be considering to take stagecraft, stage movement, and a yet unknown set of courses depending on the time and function of the class.
The choice in my major and minor comes from an overwhelming fascination of story telling in any form. I enjoy film , graphic novels, novels, stage productions, television shows, etc. and how each achieve a different way of communicating with the audience by mixing several medias and senses together in both original methods and traditional ways.
Graphic novels can be exceptional fascinating the way a person subconsciously create noises and motion from the images depicted on a page to make up for the lack of the actual sound or movement. I hope to work in one of these medias; illustration, film, or theatre, and keep myself open to as many options as possible with my major and minors so as not to limit my opportunities.


  1. I share your same fascination with story-telling. Best wishes on your goals and achievements.

  2. Great photo for the post! And yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Do you know where the graphic novels are in the Library? They actually have a great collection here. Make sure you take my Motion Design class, which is an elective for Illustrators. I am also interested in starting a comic and cartoon creation and consumption club on campus. Let me know if you are interested.